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THE WRONG WOMAN is another great book from @jppomare & what I hope is the first of many adventures for a new Private Investigator character, Reid.

I was privileged to witness THE WRONG WOMAN story creation from the beginning & saw the effort @jppomare took in creating Reid, his first gay male main character.

For this post I asked @jppomare who identifies as heterosexual, where his protagonist Reid’s sexuality came from – was it @jppomare intention before he started writing that he was going to have a gay male character lead, or did he discover it as he wrote the story?

“As I learned more about Reid it made perfect sense. Conscious of, and scary, when I realised it would be worse to change him… to sacrifice that part of him out of my own fear of getting him wrong.”

I love Reid as a lead, & appreciate the time, effort & respect @jppomare took in educating himself, avoiding lazy tropes to develop a nuanced gay male character. Hopefully this is the first of Reid’s adventures.

Congratulations @jppomare and thanks for bringing Reid out into world. THE WRONG WOMAN is out @hachetteaus 27th July.