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Huge thank you to all the #yarramstoryfest2022 organisers & volunteers, it was excellent. Also a huge thank you to everyone who came along and supported it. It was a great day & @jemofthebrew sums it up beautifully below. (@jemofthebrew I got a copy of your book today OSCAR AND ALICE from Matt @artichokebooks @🤩) Thank you😍🥰💖REPOST • @jemofthebrew I had such an incredible time today as part of Yarram StoryFest. I faced my fear of public speaking and hosted a panel of writers discussing social issues in their work, I went to a workshop about writing characters, I ate a six course degustation of local bush tucker by a brilliant Indigenous chef, I had wonderful conversations with writers and thinkers and movers and shakers. I think I talked more today than I have in the last 3 years. And I also got to indulge my passion of talking about how great newsletters are 😅

Thanks everyone for such a great day, it was so memorable and I hope it can happen every year going forward!