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🤩NEW PODCAST EPISODE 🎧 QWS S2E4. Jasper Peach @queerwritessessions @daniveebooks_wordsandnerds

In this episode I chat with Jasper Peach @jasperpeachsays about writing, Rainbow Families and those questions — and all about their new book, You’ll Be a Wonderful Parent: Advice and Encouragement for Rainbow Families of All Kinds

Jo @blarneybooksandart reviews Confessions of the Fox by Jordy Rosenberg.

Queer Writes Session (QWS) Podcast, a Words & Nerds @daniveebooks_wordsandnerds spin off series hosted by Rob aka R.W.R. McDonald, in partnership with Blarney Books & Art in Port Fairy. You can listen to the episode through @daniveebooks_wordsandnerds website and platforms 🤩🙌🏻🙌🏻

Books mentioned and reviews can be found on QUEER WRITES SESSIONS | Blarney Books and Art Resources mentioned and a transcript for this episode’s interview is available at QWS Podcast

R.W.R. McDonald

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