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Nancy Business join my newsletter. The Nancys and Nancy Business is heartwarming as Tippy navigates her grief, but it also uplifting in a way. Humour is in both books as well as darkness. Every reader is falling in love with The Nancys. Family, togetherness, trust, humour, small-town all attributes which make an amazing book. Visit New Zealand. Visit South Otago. In summary, this is about the interview with Thirty Books. Author interview. Crime Fiction. Nancy Business. New Zealand Books. Stella Glorie. The Nancys. Yeah noir. Tippy Chan, Uncle Pike and Devon make The Nancys. Murder Mystery. Set in Riverstone, which is based off Balclutha, South Otago. Youtube video. Youtube interview. R.W.R McDonald appears for an interview on Youtube with Thirty Books. Crime Writer. Australian Crime. New Zealand Crime. New Zealand is his home town, however, he lives in Melbourne with his family.

Harry cat. Nancy Business is the sequel to The Nancys, although, they can be read as standalone novels. South Otago is where R.W.R McDonald calls home. Comedy. Murder Mystery. Crime. Whodunnit a. Family b. Grief c. Relationships d. Trust e. Coming together. Honesty. These are themes of the books. Dark and sweet. Readers love The Nancys and Nancy Business. Tippy Chan, Uncle Pike and Devon make The Nancys, the gang who are amateur sleuths to help solve the murders in Riverstone.