Books+Publishing review & interview – The Nancys

“[The Nancys] this glittering, occasionally grisly and highly original novel … stands proudly on its own.”

Full review and interview with Fiona Hardy can be found on Books+Publishing

Unlikely heroes: R W R McDonald on ‘The Nancys’


First review !!! – The Nancys by Simon McDonald

Received the first review of The Nancys from out in the wild. Simon McDonald in his words is a reader, writer, bookseller and has an excellent book review website –
(he is no relation but happy to claim!)

“This is an ebullient, delightful novel, difficult to describe in a way that conveys its greatness without making it sound schmaltzy. On the one hand, it’s warm and funny; its laughs procured from Pike and Devon’s mordant humour; its affability derived from the Nancys’ burgeoning affinity, and their generous hearts. But The Nancys is also a stellar mystery, layered with red-herrings and suspense, the killer’s identity ably concealed until the final pages in a powerful denouement that has heartbreaking repercussions for Tippy.”

Please find a link to his full review here


THE NANCYS cover – (reading copy)

THE NANCYS reading copy arrived today – they’ve done a great job! Not long until publication day – first week of June 19


Blog post – Things Made From Letters – How Faber Writing Academy helped Rob McDonald write The Nancys

After ten years of having the ideas for his novel The Nancys in his head, it took our Faber Writing Academy courses to finally bring Rob McDonald’s story to the page, and here he discusses how the Writing a Novel course, his tutors and fellow students helped him on the path to publication.


Melbourne Writers Festival 2018 Blog Article

Melbourne Writers Festival 2018 blog interview with the incredible Toni Jordan on my time at Faber Academy writing The Nancys. Amazing teacher and author.


Faber Writing Academy testimonial at Emerging Writers Festival

A short video chatting to Gillian May from Faber Writing Academy about my experience with them. (Excuse the tired eyes!)

‘I went from being someone who had kept his writing hidden to calling myself a writer.’
Rob McDonald, Writing a Novel (2016). His first book The Nancys will be published by Allen & Unwin in 2019.