Nancy Business Instagram Review – @narrativefriction

Thank you @narrativefriction 🤩🙏🏻🧡 REPOST • @narrativefriction Nancy Business, by R.W.R McDonald @allenandunwin

Warm and immensely enjoyable (and a reminder that found families are often the best).



Biblio Art Prize – “Is that dad?” by Sonya Duffy

"Is that dad?" by Sonya Duffy

Amazing! “Is that dad” by the talented Sonya Duffy for the Biblio Art Prize

Artwork title: “Is that dad?”

Artist: Sonya Duffy

Artist statement: “This book is half comedic/half drama whodunnit with three amateur detectives investigating a bombing. My art depiction of the book is of Tippy (a young girl and one of the detectives). She recently found out her father’s recent death was a suicide, so she is checking out one of her father’s photos with her magnifying glass. I think what she finds might be the subject of the next book…”


Biblio Art Prize – ‘Who Ya Gonna Call?…’ by Ross Halfacree

'Who Ya Gonna Call?...' by Ross Halfacree

How cool is this! Ross Halfacree’s submission for the Biblio Art Prize

Artwork Title: ‘Who Ya Gonna Call?…’

Artist: Ross Halfacree

Artist statement: “When your local town hall is blown up, “who ya gonna call…?” Who else but the Nancys! The book has so many fertile opportunities to create artistic responses. I decided I would simply celebrate Uncle pike and Devon’s roller coaster relationship and use the slabs of stars to represent the sparkle of the characters, the cleverly weaved joy and “shindiggery”, and the special effervescence of Tippy as her experiences assigned new knowledge and strengths. My mix, distribution and application of colours represent the overall delight, humour and uplift Nancy Business awarded me.”


Biblio Art Prize – ‘Pike & Tippy’ by Abbi Gilbert

'Pike & Tippy' by Abbi Gilbert

This is incredible!

Artwork title: Pike & Tippy

Artist: Abbi Gilbert

Artist statement: “Uncle Pike is big. He’s physically big, he has a big personality, and he also has a big heart. I was struck by the contrast of the big man and the small girl – his niece Tippy – sharing a moment when they allow a wave of grief to wash over them. They grieve for themselves and for each other, for the tragedy of recent events and those from the deep past. There is so much emotion and beauty in this moment. There is honesty, rawness and vulnerability which is held in contrast with strength of character and the unshakable bond that holds these two together.”


Thank you Dani! – Words and Nerds Podcast

It arrived Dani, thank you! 🤩🙏🏻🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🌈@daniveebooks_wordsa🌈 #wordsandnerdspodcast rocks 🎧🎙#podcast #authorinterview #writingpodcasts #bookpodcast #comfytshirt #author #gayauthor #pride #lgbtiq🌈 plus #danivee rocks🤩


Mary’s favourite books – Brunswick Bound

Thank you Mary! 😍🤩🙏🏻💖🧡 REPOST • @bbound One of the most difficult questions you can ask a bookseller is: what was the best book you read this year? But we’ve asked them anyway.

Mary’s favourite reads this year were:
Nancy Business by RWR McDonald
Bodies of Light by Jennifer Down
The Silence of Scheherazade by Deene Suman
Snow Country by Sebastian Faulks
The Cold Millions by Jess Walter