Better Read than Dead have The Nancys as their June book of the month! You can read their reviews below;



I really didn’t want this fun to end. There are no comparisons! This is an original, ticklish, campy romp through contemporary New Zealand. Tippy Chan is eleven. When her mum wins a cruise, Uncle Pike arrives from Sydney with Devon, his fashionista boyfriend in tow. Tippy’s best friend ends up in hospital, and her teacher is murdered. With a shared love of Nancy Drew, Tippy, Pike & Devon form The Nancys (complete with stylish t-shirts designed by Devon) and set out to investigate. But it all gets very real when people they love and admire come under suspicion. Forget long-winded scenic descriptions and say hello to exciting characters, dirty puns, and a fun-filled, Nancy Drew-style mystery. This is gold!


I love me a nutty murder mystery romp. Tippy Chan is our narrator – 11 years old, living in Riverstone, NZ with her mother, and grieving for her father who died earlier in the year. A visit from her Uncle Pike and his new boyfriend Devon provides a welcome distraction, particularly when Tippy’s teacher is murdered and the trio – inspired by Tippy and Pike’s beloved Nancy Drew novels – form The Nancys, determined to reveal the true killer. Sassy dialogue dominates the narrative, which gently builds momentum until, two-thirds of the way through (and very late at night), the story intensifies.I could not put this book down. This is a gleeful crime fiction debut with a satisfying balance of campy warmth and murderous darkness, perfect for fans of authors like Lisa Lutz.


R.W.R. McDonald has given Nancy Drew a camp and fabulous makeover! Set in New Zealand, this small town murder mystery is not what you’d expect; modern and rollicking fun (while also having moments of sweet tenderness). While the book revolves around the investigation of the detective trio, The Nancys, which is made up of the young Tippy Chan, her Uncle Pike and his fashion designer boyfriend Devon, at the heart of the story is a lesson about being who you are, no matter how different. Before reading it I honestly didn’t think this was my kind of book, but from the first page in I was utterly charmed by its fresh take on the genre and the gorgeous cast of characters found inside.