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Thank you so much Kerry for your review, means the world! 🤩🙏🏻💖💕REPOST • @kcmwrites May my children have the sass and nous of Tippy Chan, but may my babysitters be way more responsible than Devon and Uncle Pike 😳😳

Also, I’ve learned that reading a physical book is really hard with four children in my orbit. Ebooks and audiobooks are the way to go for #readingwhilefeeding and not having my bookmark stolen (every single time) 📚 🖥️

The Nancys by the lovely @rwrmcdonald. What can I say- this is an adventure like no other. This is told by 11 year old Tippy Chan, whose teacher is brutally murdered in her small NZ town. The Nancys form and investigate 🔬

Things I particularly loved:
~ The clues being written on walls/ fridges/ windows
~ Descriptions of what Pike and Devon were wearing (e.g- a tight metallic gold T-shirt with a picture of a leopard licking it’s bits)
~ Melanie Brown (not the Spice Girl) and her very well disguised heart of gold
~ A fabric shop called Glory Box 📦
~ The story about the piggy-cat 😢

Crime lovers – you’ll come for the murder and mayhem, but will stay for the hilarious hijinks.

The good thing about coming late to a book is that the sequel is already out and I will get the ebook this time for ease of reading… 🙃🙂🙃🙂

Loved this Rob!