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Happy publication @cadance.bell !🤩🚀📖 THE ALL OF IT: A BOGAN RHAPSODY – I was lucky enough to read this ahead of pub day & highly recommend. A memoir full of compassion, humour and unflinchingly honest. The writing on the line was beautiful – moving as well as many hilarious descriptions. Really a very special book. From the Blurb below ⬇️ « … Becoming Cadance was more than a gender transition: it was a transition in every way, fear to acceptance, from self-loathing to love, anger to kindness. She was determined to experience the all of it.

Written with dazzling creativity and exuberance, The All of It is a wild coming-of-gender memoir like no other. Tender, tragic, hilarious and life-affirming, it will leave you understanding a little more about trans people, rural Australia, family, millennials and the beautiful contradictions of our kaleidoscopic world. «. Congratulations @cadance.bell ! 🤩🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻