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Loved this, EVERY VERSION OF YOU @gracechanwrites – no spoilers (blurb below ⬇️) Incredibly believable (scary) future, fantastic world building, characters & great narrative drive – I didn’t want it to end. And I am team Ah-Yee ! 🚬 when it comes to Uploading 🤣 #greatread – thanks @koalateareads for recommending it😍 BLURB – In late twenty-first century Australia, Tao-Yi and her partner Navin spend most of their time inside a hyper-immersive, hyper-consumerist virtual reality called Gaia. They log on, go to work, socialise, and even eat in this digital utopia. Meanwhile their aging bodies lie suspended in pods inside cramped apartments. Across the city, in the abandoned ‘real’ world, Tao-Yi’s mother remains stubbornly offline, preferring instead to indulge in memories of her life in Malaysia.

When a new technology is developed to permanently upload a human brain to Gaia, Tao-Yi must decide what is most important: a digital future, or an authentic past.