R.W.R. McDonald is a writing tutor. Rob runs online writing courses at Faber Writing Academy and Writing NSW.

Writing NSW – Online: Character, Plot and Dialogue

For Writing NSW, Rob is the tutor for the online course ONLINE: Character, Plot and Dialogue. He is thrilled to deliver this course which focuses on three of the fundamentals for storytelling. The online course will run for six weeks and begins 4th April.

Writers On Writing / RWR McDonald on Story Through Character and Dialogue

Topics covered include:
• Character building and revealing
• Real-world dialogue versus written
• Cutting to the chase
• Subtext
• Using action beats
• Playing with contrasts
• Driving the plot
• Dialogue tags
• Plot structures and key plot points
• Examining who your characters are in detail
• Consistency and difference in dialogue between characters

Looking forward to running this with Writing NSW, starting 4th April 22. Q&A below.

RWR McDonald on Story Through Character and Dialogue

Writing NSW Online: Character, Plot and Dialogue

Enrolment link and online course details below

Online: Character, Plot and Dialogue

Faber Academy: Writing Crime Fiction

Writing BFF RWR McDonald and Katherine Kovacic. Katherine has ice-cream shoes!

For Faber Writing Academy, Rob co-tutors his writing BFF and Katherine Kovacic for the online crime fiction writing course, Writing Crime Fiction. This is a new extended course from their previous online Crime Fiction Lab course and will run over eight weeks from 27th April.

This eight-week online course dives into the elements of Crime Fiction; Discussing the sub-genres and rules, exploring the various types protagonists and the ways crime stories can be told.

Each week class exercises will help develop these elements in your own writing, whether you have a work in progress or the glimmer of a story idea. We will interrogate your suspects, examine your clues, attend your crime scenes and apprehend your criminal.

Further course information and enrolment details please see below.

Writing Crime Fiction