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Thank you so much @coffeecanelescookbooks !😍🙏🏻💖🧡🔍 👁💖REPOST @coffeecanelescookbooks All the love in the world for BOTH of the Nancys novels by @rwrmcdonald but I’m a little flat after reading the second and most recent of the two, Nancy Business. Only because I don’t know how long I can wait before the next in the series to come out… Tippy and her unconventional family (chosen and born into) are an utter riot, with the skilful writing ensuring you don’t realise you are wading through heavy issues until you are well into them and enjoying every moment. Think The Thursday Murder Club crossed with The Guncle – although the Nancys are a team wholly onto themselves. I do think you would benefit from reading the series in order, The Nancys followed by Nancy Business, and if you are lucky perhaps the next book will come along in time for you to read all three in sequence!! #bookreview #thenancys #fivestarread #fivestarseries