Happy Millionth Birthday
Happy Millionth Birthday
Happy Millionth Birthday
Happy Millionth Birthday

My first picture book, Happy Millionth Birthday, out September 2023. Illustrated by the super talented Alexandra Colombo. Available now.

Age range 3+

This is a picture book like no other! Rich with character, humour and cheekiness, this story brings to life what every child wants! More birthdays and even MORE presents!

A brilliant birthday gift for young readers, and a story the whole family can enjoy together!

This is not another cute birthday story! Find out what happens when Jack Wolf’s wish comes true, and he celebrates a birthday every single day! Will Jack learn his lesson, or will he think of a new way to have fun? The story will keep you guessing until the end.


Available now at your favourite bookshop or library!

'The perfect playful comedy about birthdays, birthdays and birthdays. Loved it!'

Nova Weetman

'An adorable story that taps into every kid's dream. Is too much of a good thing really too much?'

Nat Amoore

'Happy Millionth Birthday is a joy to read and share with your kids. Funny, with just the right amount of lessons amongst the fun.'

Can You Tell Me A Story

'This book was a huge hit with Miss 7 and Mr 4. They loved seeing their own dream played out in a story.'