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Thank you @tailoredtalker for the great questions & interview 🙏🤩Posted @withregram • @tailoredtalker Good morning fellow users of Social Media, A short while ago I got to chat with Kiwi-born, Melbourne-based writer, R.W.R. McDonald, regarding his widely-acclaimed debut novel, ‘The Nancys’. With his lifelong love of Nancy Drew mysteries acting as somewhat of an impetus, McDonald has gone off to do his own inmitable thing with ‘The Nancys’, a tale revolving around a grisly murder mystery set in a [seemingly] quaint little New Zealand town and investigated by an unlikely and loveable trio, as led by precocious 11-year-old narrator, Tippy. For those of you that hail from the Land of the Long White Cloud, or have relos there, as I most certainty do (in verdant Central Otago no less!), you’ll have a blast reading this. ‘Tis a right rarity to find any contemporary novel set within that part of the world and one that warmed the cockels of my heart region. We discussed the setting and the decision to ficitionalise a real-life town, along with how the story, first sparked over a decade ago, was (instrumentally) developed at Faber Academy. We also delved into the curse of self-doubt inherent with the writing vocation and how one must overcome such debilitating notions in order to identify oneself as a writer (for those writerly pals out there, I know that that will resonate with you to no end). Get readin’ the interview (link in bio) and get your hot little hands on a copy of ‘The Nancys’ from @allenandunwin like, now. Thanks to @rwrmcdonald for chatting with me and for Compulsive Reader for publishing the interview! #interview #interviews #author #authors #writer #writers #novel #novels #novelist #book #books #fiction #newzealand #australian #contemporary #story #allenandunwin #publisher #published

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