NANCY BUSINESS Review in Otago Daily Times

Well this Nancy Business review in Otago Daily Times made me 😢 (in a good way). Thank you Cushla McKinney🙏🏻🧡

“… its flamboyant blend of comedy, tragedy, innuendo, innocence, generosity of spirit, crime, and sequins are a delight.”


My guide to Melbourne in Herald on Sunday

my guide to melbourne

My Guide to Melbourne:

Have you always wanted to know how a writer takes on Melbourne and where the best places to write, eat and see are? Because, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to write a travel piece for Herald on Sunday NZ. This article is my insider guide to getting around Melbourne!

Give it a read so you know the places to go!

“[Melbourne] has great food and drink, is friendly and has a large community of writers, readers and book lovers.”

State library of Victoria, Australia’s oldest public library founded in 1854. It is home to a large rare books collection, ranging from Shakespeare to Charles Darwin to Patrick White.”


NANCY BUSINESS Review in North and South Magazine

North and South magazine review

Amazing ‘Nancy Business’ review in North and South Magazine.

“Readers took this witty subversion of the youthful detective genre to their hearts.”

“[Nancy Business] is about the importance of people caring for and loving each other – even when they can’t stand each other.”


I wrote a travel article on South Otago for Escape

South Otago, the place I call home! I was fortunate enough to write a travel article on my home town for Escape.

Read it here!


Maya Linnell Newsletter feature

maya linnell newsletter feature

Thank you Maya Linnell for including me in your July newsletter author spotlight!


NANCY BUSINESS review in The Sydney Morning Herald


Thrilled to have NANCY BUSINESS reviewed in the Sydney Morning Herald by Kerryn Goldsworthy! Read it here.

“These books cleverly mash up elements of YA fiction with queer crime fiction, resulting in some hilarious scenes…”

“In the meantime, theres a house to renovate, other relationships to fix, and a crime to solve.”