The Leaf Bookshop – 30 authors in 30 days – #33 R W R McDonald

The Leaf Bookshop interview with R.W.R. McDonald about his books: ‘The Nancys‘ released in 2019 and ‘Nancy Business‘ to be released in June this year, was enormous fun! These are quirky whodunnits that are full of heart. Love them!


NANCY BUSINESS review – Craig Sisterson

NANCY BUSINESS Review: Despite the sombre beginning and ongoing themes of dealing with grief and loss, McDonald once again strikes a great balance of light and dark. He adeptly mixes humour, charm, and serious issues. NANCY BUSINESS is at times hilarious, at times heartfelt as McDonald conducts a highwire act in terms of nailing a marvellous tone. There’s grin-inducing moments and meditations on grief, classic mystery elements and coming-of-age too. It’s a delightful, charming concoction that tickles the brain and heart.


Faber Writing Academy – The Crime Fiction Lab

The Crime Fiction Lab and our tutors’ crime writing processes

The Crime Fiction Lab and our tutors’ crime writing processes. Want to know just how practical The Crime Fiction Lab is for real crime writers? We asked our tutors R.W.R. McDonald and Katherine Kovacic.


First NANCY BUSINESS Review is In!

First NANCY BUSINESS review! Read it here