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Posted @withrepost @southisle_bibliophile I loved The Nancys SO MUCH!!! It's narrated by 11 year old Tippy Chan and set in Riverstone, a very Balclutha-like small town in southern NZ. Tippy's mum goes on holiday and her Uncle Pike and his super extra and amazing boyfriend Devon come to look after her from Sydney. Hilarity ensues. BUT also murder… and the three, inspired by Nancy Drew, decide to do their own detective work. I loved that this was narrated by a kid but is an adult's book, and lots of the stuff the adults say goes over Tippy's head. Tippy, Devon and Uncle Pike are all hilarious and lovely, I laughed out loud, snorted, etc a lot. (Devon's soap phone for example "yes this is she"). Anyway it's heartwarming, dark and very funny all at the same time. Thank you so much @allenandunwinnz for the copy! And thank you @rwrmcdonald for this great book! From a gal whose Dad grew up in Balclutha 😘 #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booksofig #bookstagramfeature #bookish #bookishfeature #bibliophile #bookworm #bookstagramnz #thenancys #bookreview #pink #readersofinstagram #nzbooks

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Author RWR McDonald on his laugh-out-loud murder mystery The Nancys

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This means the world.. 🌏✨✨💖 Thank you @mskierst Posted @withrepost • @mskierst This is the most fantastically charming, funny, sad, wise and delightful read all wrapped up in a small town New Zealand murder mystery. The synopsis sounds twee but in fact it deals with grief, loss and sadness so wonderfully. The heroine Tippy Chan is beautifully captured – right between a child and a young adult. In fact everything about this works – characters I just loved, a comfort read charm that still had lots of toughness. Don’t listen to me waffle – just read it and tell me what you think. I hope this gets all the attention – one of my favourite book descriptors is generous: where the author, the story, the characters just seem to give a reader so much – this is a perfect example for me. (Thank you @betterreadbookshop for putting me on to this one) #instabook #bookstagram #thenancys (Book 81 of ‘19)

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Had a great time visiting bookstores in Sydney 🙂 🙂 Dymocks Sydney, Darlinghurst Bookshop, Gleebooks Glebe and finally got to meet Simon McDonald at Potts Point Bookshop!