March 26

“[The Nancys] this glittering, occasionally grisly and highly original novel … stands proudly on its own.”

Full review and interview with Fiona Hardy can be found on Books+Publishing

Unlikely heroes: R W R McDonald on ‘The Nancys’

March 18

Received the first review of The Nancys from out in the wild. Simon McDonald in his words is a reader, writer, bookseller and has an excellent book review website – writtenbysime.com
(he is no relation but happy to claim!)

“This is an ebullient, delightful novel, difficult to describe in a way that conveys its greatness without making it sound schmaltzy. On the one hand, it’s warm and funny; its laughs procured from Pike and Devon’s mordant humour; its affability derived from the Nancys’ burgeoning affinity, and their generous hearts. But The Nancys is also a stellar mystery, layered with red-herrings and suspense, the killer’s identity ably concealed until the final pages in a powerful denouement that has heartbreaking repercussions for Tippy.”

Please find a link to his full review here https://writtenbysime.com/2019/03/18/review-the-nancys-by-r-w-r-mcdonald/